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The Bubble

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Today I am going to share with you all a technique that has significantly improved my life and state of mind in the past two years. By enabling this technique throughout the school year, it will allow you to focus completely on your goals without being held back by negative feelings. I like to call this technique the "Bubble", and it takes some practice before becoming a habit. First, I'd like to ask you some questions. How many times a day do you stress about what other people think of you or moments in the past which you may have said something wrong, do you replay this over and over in your head? Do you sometimes feel like the whole world is looking at you, that wherever you go there must be someone judging you? I'd like to tell that it is so easy to get rid of these negative feelings by simply saying "It's all in your head" but unfortunately, this phrase does not do anything to calm our minds. What does help me when I get these feelings is to place myself in a "bubble". This is how to do it. Before you walk into school or any event imagine that a invisible shield is being put around you. This means, whatever anyone says, thinks, or does about cannot touch you or affect in any way. Negative feelings or worries are also not able to intrude and affect you.

A lot of the time, we tend to create problems out of nothing, we imagine tiny comments to mean much more than they were intended to, in other words we overthink. However, if we look at our lives and realize that in a couple weeks some rude or snide comment will be a blurred, nonexistent memory, things in the present tend to look much less frightening. This "bubble" allows you to grow as a person, concentrating not on what other people do or say about you, but how you respond out loud and internally. The "bubble" eliminates unnecessary and destructive internal dialogue, letting you go through every day with a positive view of yourself and the world around you, and achieving what you are capable of in the present and the future. This technique will not come easily at first, but with practice, you will find yourself happier and more confident than ever before.

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