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What is Get That Glow?

Many of you may be thinking, what does Get That Glow mean? And what am I going to learn from it? Get That Glow is a blog dedicated to helping teenage girls everywhere learn how to create a healthy and beautiful lifestyle through clean eating, positive thinking, and good fitness habits. The "glow" I am speaking about comes from not only eating clean, but being a kind person and embracing beauty on the inside. First, I'd like to tell you some cold, hard facts.

There is always going to be someone better looking, someone smarter, someone better at sports, someone kinder, someone funnier, and someone fitter than you. Unfortunately, we cannot deny this because there are 7 billion people in the world. The question is not whether you are better than everyone else, because according to the statistics you never will be, but whether you are the best version of yourself. Yikes, this expression is pretty cheesy, but also holds so much value. Think about this phrase for a moment and what it means in your life. Are you happy, truly happy with the person you are, regardless of situation or status? Or do you listen to that little voice in your mind that tells you cannot do something? Most of our limitations in life lie in the fact that we listen to this voice and too often give it a megaphone. Pretend for a moment that this voice did not exist. What if everything you put your mind to succeeded? What if you lived according to this phrase that is often overlooked? Life would not only be easier, but it would be more meaningful. Remember this above all: The key to success is not competition against others, but competition against yourself.

In this blog, you will find helpful posts about how to balance school, friends, family, and obligations in relation to clean eating. I will also show you some of my favorite food items, fitness equipment, and apps. I am here to show you how to get that glow.

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