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Ah, the Peloton bike, most of you have probably heard of the bike that has a cult following. My mom originally got this bike for herself a year before I started to loose weight, but since then I am on it almost everyday. The best thing about the peloton is not just the incredible music and fun workout, but the instructors. Every ride I take becomes a oasis from the drama of the outside world. It becomes not just a workout but a experience. The instructors are inspirational, motivational, and load you up with so much self-respect that it is difficult not to smile after you un click your shoes. Of course, this bike is pricy, but worth it. If your family is considering purchasing one, encourage them strongly. If the price tag seems to be to many digits to even ponder about, download the Peloton app. It has a ton of fun and different exercise classes to do with the same incredible instructors.

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