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Basics of Clean Eating

Clean Eating is simple, anything fried, processed, high sugar, and high white carb is thrown out the window. Think about it this way, Clean Eating is ingredients that you can pronounce, are wholesome, colorful, and don't lack important nutrients. The way society eats nowadays is extremely destructive to it's health. Processed foods are not natural and can contribute to a variety of diseases such as cancer. Fried foods are high in oil and fat which lead to heart disease and increased blood pressure. Anything high in sugar and carbs creates unwanted fat and higher your blood sugar. Clean Eating is simply eliminating what is known to be bad for you from you diet and instead including foods that will both make you feel good and look good. This includes natural meat that is not processed, fish, tons of vegetables, fruits, legumes, healthy grains and carbohydrates, and wholesome dairy. Clean Eating is not a diet, it is a lifestyle in which you renew your body and your mind through consuming the food that your body will thank you for.

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