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Become An Expert On Your Favorite Ingredients

When many of us envision the concept of "eating well", we usually envision bland, boring, and tasteless food and ingredients. Today I am going to be showing you all how to eliminate that useless stereotype and begin to explore the exciting world of foods that are nutritious and tasty at the same time. One of the most beneficial things to do when eating well is to know your food. Find certain vegetables, fruits, grains etc. that you absolutely love the taste of and become an expert on the nutritional benefits of each of the foods. When we know exactly about the benefits of what we are consuming, it makes eating the foods so much more rewarding both mentally and physically.

The idea is to start to "have fun" with your food and ingredients, experiment with cooking fruits and vegetables that you never have eaten before, learn about the origins of the food and what secret abilities it has to create a healthier you. If you start to "glorify" a healthy meal, you can begin to get cravings for super healthy foods. For example, ground turkey chili is such a wonderful dish, full of aromatics and antioxidants like garlic. Most importantly, it is incredibly healthy, lots of vegetables and healthy carbs that create the perfect meal. I crave this dish once a week. When you begin craving healthy foods, you start to learn that food does not have to be full of preservatives, fat, and white carbs to be considered a "treat".

If you don't cook once in a while, try it out! Understand which spices and aromatics work well with a certain vegetable. While you're cooking, appreciate the effort it takes to do something good for your body and soul. Ultimately, when we change our attitudes about everything we eat, we become more in tune with the way we physically feel after consuming it. Learning to take pleasure in eating highly nutritious foods is the first step in changing your lifestyle for the better.

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