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Snack Attack

Updated: May 31, 2020

Face it, who doesn't love to snack? Responsible snacking is one of the main principles of clean eating. The key to snacking responsibly is portion control, this means eating a specific amount of one food, so that you don't end up over-snacking. The first step to snacking responsibly is first to have a designated snack time, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. My biggest suggestions, never equate a large amount of snacks (no matter how healthy they are) to a meal. A snack is a snack, a meal is a meal, when these two intermingle it can make your blood-sugar levels go crazy. I like to have a savory snack in the morning, and a sweeter, pick me up snack in the afternoon. I want to show you my favorite snack ideas and products.

-Half cup carrots or another raw vegetable and two tablespoons hummus.

-1/2 apple and 1 tablespoon peanut butter or another nut butter.

-Simple Mills Cheddar Crackers or Simple Mills sprouted seed crackers.

-130 calorie bag of Wonderful Pistachios.

-From the Ground Up cauliflower chips.

-Biena Crunchy Chickpeas

- Lesser Evil Coconut Oil Paleo Puffs

-Lesser Evil Egg White Curls

-Roasted pumpkin seeds

-Siete Almond Flour tortilla with vegetarian refried beans and cheddar cheese.

-Icelandic Provisions yogurt in Cold Brew, Key Lime, Coconut, Pineapple and Coconut, and Peach Cloudberry.

- Banana greek yogurt smoothie.

-Cup of Green tea and a handful of cashews

- Cheese and grape plate

If you are hungry before bed:

- 1 cup cottage cheese and pepper

- 1 cup warm milk with vanilla extract, cinnamon, manuka honey, and cardamon.

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1 Comment

Reva Patel
Reva Patel
Apr 21, 2020

dudeeeeeeee i love a good sister snack

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