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What the Fruit!?

Fruit is delicious, there is no denying that. However, not all fruits are created equal when it comes to nutrition and can affect your body differently. There are two general categories of fruits that I am going to speak about, low-glycemic fruits and high-glycemic fruits. Glycemic means sugar, so low-glycemic means low in sugar, and high-glycemic means high in sugar. You probably know by know that you want to avoid things high in sugar for a multitude of reasons, and though sugary fruit can be a healthier alternative to an ice cream bar, it still should not be consumed regularly. High-glycemic can raise blood sugar levels and make you crave more sugar and carbs. But how do we know which fruits are low-glycemic and which ones are high-glycemic. Well, today I am going to show you.


-All Berries











-Dried Fruit


Now that you have those in mind, remember that it is perfectly fine to eat an orange! However, just be mindful about how the orange makes you feel. Does it make you crave carbs and sugar? Does it make you feel like you need another snack, and another? If you find that eating an orange does this to you, it is important to eat something with a high protein level in addition to it, such as a low-fat cheese stick or a handful of nuts like pistachios.

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